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Medical | Biotech | Pharma Companies

With Value Based Care Expanding, Ensure Data Solutions has the Solutions, Analytics Tools and Services that Health Plans and Health Care Providers Need for Better Outcomes

Ensure Data Solutions

Bruno Piquin, CEO

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Portal Instruments’ Revolutionary Needle-Free Injection Technology Offering Hope for a Pain Free Delivery of Biologics to Patients with Chronic Diseases

Portal Instruments

Patrick Anquetil, CEO

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Slipstream Medical’s Revolutionary Soft Catheter and Needle Advancement Technology is Increasing Patient Comfort and Reducing Needle Sticks

Slipstream Medical

Jay Muse, Founder/CEO

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WatchRx Smartwatch Solution to Improve Medication Adherence for Seniors and Reduce Stress for Caregivers with Virtual Care Coordination Platform to Seamlessly Connect Healthcare Stakeholders

WatchRx, Inc.

Jayanthi Narasimhan, Founder & CEO

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American Medical Administrators – A Fully Integrated Healthcare System Offering Providers Better Resources and Support to Increase Healthcare Quality for Patients

American Medical Administrators, Inc.

Jonathan Loutzenhiser, CEO

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Porosome Therapeutics – Creating a Therapeutic Approach to Issues with Porosomes and Generating Compelling Results in Treating Cystic Fibrosis and Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Porosome Therapeutics, Inc.
Gil Marmol, President and CEO


Davis Clinical Consulting – Providing Regulatory Compliance and Leadership Support for the Long-Term Care Industry within Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Carolina

Davis Clinical Consulting

Lauren Davis, Founder & Owner

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Therabene – Developing A New Class of Molecules Called Degraders to Attack Key Target Proteins Involved in The Proliferation of Cancer Cells


Mario DiPaola PhD/MBA, Founder/ CEO



Stokes Robotics – Turning Robots into What their Law Enforcement, Manufacturing and Medical Customers Need

Stokes Robotics

Robert Stokes, President



With their Alternative Approach to Traditional Insurance, Healthcare2U Enables Individuals with Modest Incomes to Afford Primary Care Consultations for Early Detection of Major Health Conditions


Andy Bonner, Co-Founder/President/CEO

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Genuine Health Group – Helping Physicians Provide Value-Based Care

Genuine Health Group

Joe Caruncho, CEO




As the Numbers Rise Worldwide for Suicides, Seelos Therapeutics is Bringing Hope with Their SLS-002 (intranasal racemic ketamine) Program

Seelos Therapeutics, Inc.

(Nasdaq: SEEL)
Raj Mehra, PhD, Founder, Chairman & CEO


With their MASK-FREE Anesthesia Delivery System Designed for Children, PeDIA is Taking Some of the Trauma Out of Surgery


Diane Miller, Founder

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Healthy Design’s Exersides® Refraint® System Enables ICUs to Lessen Restraint and Sedation Practices to Allow Better Outcomes

Healthy Design
Marie Pavini MD FCCM FCCP, Founder/CEO

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Aspira Women’s Health charts a new path for ovarian cancer with its OvaSuite risk assessments

Aspira Women's Health


Nicole Sandford, President and CEO

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Rx Bandz – developing their Life Saving MiniJect®, the World’s Smallest Auto-Injector for Patients and Military

Rx Bandz

Jessica Walsh, Founder   CEO


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GB Sciences – using Minimum Essential Mixtures (MEM) to Harness the Therapeutic Potential of Plant-Inspired Medicines as Prescription Drugs

GB Sciences, Inc.


Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, President & CSO

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Software Developer and Systems Integrator, Illumisoft is Helping Healthcare Companies Improve Operations, Research and the Clinical Use of Technology


Dan Prince, Founder & CEO

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Visiox Pharma – using their Innovative and Proprietary Delivery Technology to Bring Trusted Therapeutics to the Glaucoma and Cataract Markets

Visiox Pharma, LLC

Ryan S. Bleeks, CEO

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Expense Consulting – Enabling Post-Acute and Acute Care Healthcare Facilities to Reduce Expenditures Without Cutting Headcount or Compromising Quality of Care

Expense Consulting

Stephen Carrabba, CEO

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Leading Food & Beverage Companies Worldwide Select Novolyze to Achieve Smart Food Safety, Enhanced Quality and Digitization

Novolyze EMP

Karim-Franck Khinouche

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