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A Stimulating Conversation with John Schellhorn, CEO of Vibrant Gastro

Vibrant Gastro

John Schellhorn

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With Value Based Care Expanding, Ensure Data Solutions has the Solutions, Analytics Tools and Services that Health Plans and Health Care Providers Need for Better Outcomes

Ensure Data Solutions

Bruno Piquin

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News Pages

HR Advisors – Helping Businesses with HR and Compliance Issues, Documentation and Utilizing Best Practices when Managing Employees

HR Advisors, Inc.

Ed Peterson, President & CEO

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The Release of their TimeControl 8.4 and the Addition of TimeControl Project, Leading to Growth for HMS Software

HMS Software

Chris Vandersluis, President

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Histologics’ New Patented Kylon® Compassionate Tissue Removal Technology is Making a Difference in Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Gynecology and Wound Care

Histologics LLC

Neal Lonky MD MPH, Founder/CEO - Gyn - Wound Care - Emerging Veterinary Division

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Fortaco – Trust in Tomorrow - Making Tomorrow Safer and Better as a Strategic Partner to the Off-Highway Equipment and Marine Industries

Fortaco Group

Lars Hellberg, President & CEO

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Disease-Modifying Mechanisms in the Brain and GI Tract with Risvodetinib for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders

Inhibikase Therapeutics

Dr. Milton Werner, President/CEO

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Andromeda Technology Solutions – A Managed Service Provider Meeting the IT and Building Security Needs of their Manufacturing Customers in The Midwest

A Managed Service Provider that Not Only Understands Technology but Also the Businesses and Industries They Serve

Andromeda Technology Solutions

Jeff Borello, CEO

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CFBank – Experiencing Strong Growth in the Commercial Banking Arena and Their Market Share in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis

CF Bankshares-CFBank


Timothy T. O’Dell, President & CEO

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Success Stories


Commercial Lending

Midwest Bio Systems – Revolutionizing Farming with Their Aeromaster Composting Systems that Enables Farmers to Harvest the Sun

Midwest Bio Systems

Edwin Blosser, Owner

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Safe-Decon – Making the World a Safer Place with Their Air-Tight Containers for Hazardous Waste that Effectively Control and Eliminate Pathogens and Viruses

Safe-Decon, Inc.

Bob Dudley, CEO

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Sarcomatrix Therapeutics - Pioneering Groundbreaking, Unique Treatments for Muscle Disorders, Aiming to Empower Individuals with Longer Stronger Lives

Sarcomatrix Therapeutics, Corporation

David Craig, MBA, President and CEO

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A Cleantech Pioneer in Canada Faces Multiple Bureaucratic Challenges

Alpha Green Innovation Founder and Innovator, Solomon Asfha, Faces Multiple Bureaucratic Challenges for Their Revolutionary Carbon Capture Technology Scale-Up in Canada

Alpha Green Innovation

Solomon Alema Asfha, Founder/Owner

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With the Success of His Atlantucky Brewery, Nappy Roots Rapper Fish Scales Has Added to His Already Illustrious Career

Fish Scales
Atlantucky Brewery

Nappy Roots

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BW Fusion – Educating and Revolutionizing the Farming Industry with Tools That Can Grow Yield Faster and Increase the Bottom Line by Reducing Synthetic Fertilizer

BW Fusion

Grant Wells, Partner

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UltraCare Services – Specializing in Non-Medical Home Care for People with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, and Cancer

UltraCare Services

Leslee Deanes, Founder/CEO

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Expense Consulting – Enabling Post-Acute and Acute Care Healthcare Facilities to Reduce Expenditures Without Cutting Headcount or Compromising Quality of Care

Expense Consulting

Stephen Carrabba, CEO

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The Citizens Bank of Clovis – With a Mission to Serve the Business and Ag Community Since 1916

The Citizens Bank of Clovis

Kent Carruthers, President

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Oak View National Bank - Recognizing the Need for an Authentic Community Bank in Their Virginia Community to Serve Small Businesses, Non-Profits and Professionals

Oak View Bankshares, Inc.


Michael Ewing, CEO

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New CEO Focuses on Advancing Antibody Drugs to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Conditions

ProMIS Neurosciences, Inc.

(Nasdaq: PMN)

Neil Warma, CEO

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Distinctive training courses for API inspectors

Inspection 4 Industry LLC

Bob Rasooli, Owner/Manager

API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Course

API 570 Piping Inspector Course

API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector course

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Single Pass – Improving the Safety of Biopsy Procedures with Their Revolutionary Cautery Device

Single Pass, Inc.

Bill Colone, CEO

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A Stimulating Conversation with John Schellhorn, CEO of Vibrant Gastro

Vibrant Gastro

John Schellhorn

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Ensis - Using Generative AI to Help Government Contractors Respond to RFPs, RFIs and Other Solicitations


Ben Lewis, CEO