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The #1 Blogger Marketing Company In Europe And Coming On Strong In The United States, Bloggerwave Inc. Is Offering Product Companies A Unique And More Personal Way To Reach Potential Customers Worldwide








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Company Profile:
Bloggerwave helps its corporate clients harness the power of the Internet by leveraging the power and credibility of blogs to promote products and services. It connects clients directly with thousands of pre-approved bloggers around the globe, giving the bloggers the opportunity to write about and review specific products or services and include a link to the company's website. Once a company is blogged about, it increases its Internet buzz, credibility, site hits, ranking on search engines -- and ultimately, its bottom line. Bloggerwave has shot to the top in just three years of operation, achieving status as the No. 1 company of its kind in Europe and 3rd in the U.S. market. Bloggerwave is now focusing on becoming the best among its U.S. competitors. The Company currently has offices in the United States and Europe, and a virtual presence worldwide.

Ulrik Svane Thomsen
Chairman, President, CEO and CFO

Ulrik Svane Thomsen has over 8 years experience as a certified IT Manager, working both in Denmark and most of Europe. He has a broad experience in management positions and has worked for high profile companies as Marriott International and SAS.

He works now as Director for Bloggerwave and used the last 24 month expanding and branding Bloggerwave in Europe. He has great competences in establishing new ideas and concepts and uses the experience from IT Consulting where he worked 3 years as project installer all over Europe.


Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
Published - May 14, 2010

CEOCFO: Mr. Thomsen, Bloggerwave is an innovative commercial blogging company, what is your fo?

Mr. Thomsen: Bloggerwave is focused on trying to create a place where bloggers want to publicize or make money on their blog. We find the best advertising for the blog from the various kind of products.


CEOCFO: Who is using your service now?

Mr. Thomsen: Basically we are working for a lot of the large media providers. We are working for some companies direct, but mostly we are working for partners or agents that represent these companies.


CEOCFO: I know that you are #1 in the European market and working on the US, what is the competitive landscape like today for Bloggerwave?

Mr. Thomsen: In Europe, we donít have that much competition, and we are looking to see some of the great potential in the United States market, but we are building a new version Bloggerwave to meet the requirements to include the US market. We have been in a learning process since 2007, but that is why we think that we can become strong in the US market. Our advantage is that we have bloggers from all over the world.


CEOCFO: How does is work when someone wants to use your service?

Mr. Thomsen: Right now, it is really like a consultant philosophy, where we try to find the best solution possible. We realize the market for the mid-sized companies using bloggers. If you are in this market, it makes no sense to do $200 for telephone calls if you are only going to use $2000 or $1000. So we realize that you really need to have an automatic system that you can advertise and using smaller projects can create interest in a product. So that is build into our new version, and by now we already experience a big increases in amount of inquiries and projects. You need a automatic system to cover the smaller advertisers with small budgets. It makes no sense for them to call a agent to discuss everything first.


CEOCFO: Do you have the people on board to get that into a more automated format or do you need to add to the company to do that?

Mr. Thomsen: We have just hired a company to build the platform and have all along tried to use outsiders we could hire in when needed to keep expenses down.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about blogging as an industry, as an advertising means, and as a way of monetizing; are people realizing they can do that?

Mr. Thomsen: Blogging was very similar to television and other media in the beginning. Blogging was very pure and had no advertising, but it did make sense to do advertising here as other places with viewers and readers. We spotted this trend starting in the US market and we picked it up and started in Europe where there was no competition.


CEOCFO: How do you reach your potential customers?

Mr. Thomsen: We did a lot of advertising in the beginning, but now it is coming automatically because knowledge to blog advertising has increased. There are maybe 20 to 25 serious companies out there, but mostly in the US market, so it is not really that tough to get bloggers in. Bloggers know that we exist and a lot of them want to make money. We stand out because our reach is internationally and not just focused on the US market.


CEOCFO: Are they receptive, and are they realizing the value?

Mr. Thomsen: It was tough in the beginning. In Europe when we started, companies and customers didnít even know about blogging and could not understand what we were trying to sell them. US bloggers already knew about advertising and how to monetize their blogs. So we had to build up the product face-to-face with the advertisers in Europe over the first years. It was really a tough process, but now we have 40,000 plus bloggers and it is increasing all the time.


CEOCFO: Are there particular industries that lend themselves more to the advertising side than others?

Mr. Thomsen: The company has a product called lead campaigns, where basically the bloggers can do advertising from almost any brand / Product, and if somebody buys something through the advertising, they get cut of the sale. So if somebody buys something they make a % of the sale. They can sell products like sportswear to music, so every industry can basically use bloggers for advertising. The beauty about blogging is the big variety in blogs and blog subjects to almost cover every interest known.


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture like at Bloggerwave today?

Mr. Thomsen: It is increasing in this 1st Quarter. Last year it was very tough, so we came up with a plan to expand our business, because you are expanding or you are not going anywhere. Therefore, we got listed on the Bulletin Board earlier this year, to try to get some funding cash and it does seem like we are getting some funding in now. In addition, we are trying to rebuild our site and rebuild our brand so that we can come back strong in 2010 with our new product do even better.


CEOCFO: Why should potential investors pay attention to Bloggerwave?

Mr. Thomsen: One of the things I found interesting was that by doing advertising like this you donít have a professional text writer from an advertising institute. What you have is a normal person sitting from his house having his opinions on a product and that is the strongest advantage on blogging. That is why it is going to be very interesting here. We think people are blocking out most of the advertisings on traditional media, because they its getting normal to view traditional advertising. We do believe it is more honest when an ordinary man or women sitting at home and looking at a product and giving their honest opinion. They never say that you have to write positive or negative about a product; it is just give your honest opinion about a product and that is one of the strongest kinds of things. So I think advertising is going into a change where you want to have a more honest opinion about products because I donít think ordinary people are going into a store to buy a product because of an ad they saw on TV. Therefore, we have the product for the future and strongly believe that advertising is going to become more honest in 2010 and 2011 and years moving forward.


CEOCFO: Final thoughts, what should people remember most about Bloggerwave?

Mr. Thomsen: There is a lot of good creative ideas right now out in the market that are, because it is hard to get through the traditional markets. This is because they have the giants like Coca Cola who would never come directly to a company like Bloggerwave; they go to an agency. But hopefully when we grow we can get the attention of some of the big advertisers and they will contact us directly. I think there is going to be a change in advertising because people are getting tired of all these fake ads where everybody is looking beautiful. What we do is more informal, with people telling other people about a product. Itís direct and itís more fun when you have ordinary people giving their opinion about a product.


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Bloggerwave is focused on trying to create a place where bloggers want to publicize or make money on their blog. We find the best advertising for the blog from the various kind of products. - Ulrik Svane Thomsen does not purchase or make
recommendation on stocks based on the interviews published.