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By Mohammed/Moses bin Abraham


February 11, 2024, Update


Mohammed/Moses bin Abraham


A re-elected President Trump may be the only leader that could broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians


The current two-State solution proposed by the UN secretary is useless, it will only continue the present status quo


There will never be a successful two-State solution if Palestinian and Israeli authorities are involved in the running of a new Palestinian State


Under the Trump Administration the United States of America enjoyed a time of military peace. Except for President Trump, every previous American president in recent history either initiated or escalated some form of military aggression. If Trump is re-elected, I believe he will bring an end to the two ongoing current wars, Russia/Ukraine and Palestine/Israel. Trump wants peace, and his philosophy is a throwback to pre-World War II times when the United States of America held a more neutral isolationist military posture. They resisted involving themselves in the conflicts of others and instead focused their resources on creating a better life for their own people and keeping America strong and safe.


“Any refusal to accept the two-State solution by any party must be firmly rejected,” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres in his briefing to the 15-nation organ. Guterres told the Security Council that a lasting end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only come through a two-State solution, following the reported rejection of such a formula by Israel’s leaders amid the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


The only way a two-State solution could ever work is with the creation of an independent international administrative body to govern the two states during a suitable transition period. Over the years many Middle East peace treaties have been made and have been abandoned. Rehashing the same failed attempts of the past will offer a different result. It will end miserably as has every previous peace treaty. That is why forming an independent international administrative body, no Palestinians, no Israelis, is the only possible way to achieve lasting peace in a very contentious region.

The US and Europe should not support the murder of innocent children

Where is it all going to end, more killing on both sides is not the solution. The problem the world face is an additional 3 million Palestinians living in Gaza are now so full of hate for Israel and the West. Such hate will eventually surface in the USA and Europe in a repeat of many 911 massacres.

Unless we have a lasting peace, we are exporting terrorism to the West.

My warning is extended to the Arab world leaders, the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah Isis, and others are and will always threaten your own positions, you must work with the West to finding a lasting peace in the region.

As for Israel, peace with your Arab nations, will open-up a massive economic opportunity that will give your people lasting prosperity.


Israel’s survival as a nation is dependent on achieving peace with Palestine

We all want to see both nations thrive and live together in peace. A peaceful middle east is not just good for them, but good for the entire world.

Recently, the European Union gave Ukraine more than 53 billion dollars

The result is a recession in Europe starting with Germany.

This war has caused so much needless death and destruction.

President Putin recently interviewed with Tucker Carlson. See his interview below:,vid:W6JdVBB5e3M,st:0

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