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CEOCFO Magazine covers American Bank of Missouri, MediPines, NanoDX, Oliphenol LLC

CEOCFO interviews CEOs from Texas Medical Technology, AIMdyn, Inc., Skyscend

Wellsville, Missouri / April 14, 2021 / CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Wellsville, Missouri based bank, American Bank of Missouri. President and CEO, Timothy C. Nash told CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, “We are exceptional because of the people that are part of our organization. The people that got on the bus, found the right seats, and determine our direction are exceptional people. No organization can be exceptional without the right people.”

As to how the bank is exceptional, Mr. Nash continued, “We came across in 2006 with a very strong team of women that are in leadership positions in the bank and that is a little unusual for our industry. Our executive vice president and COO Melissa Springmeyer, our chief credit officer Susan Nash in charge of the loan department, compliance officer Carol Hopper, our human resource officer Kyle Martin, and Tammy Miller our longest tenured commercial lender are all women. They are very strong individuals that contribute in these leadership roles and we have embraced their talents and perspectives. They have made us a great organization.”


MediPines, CEO and Founder Steve Lee discusses how MediPines is revolutionizing respiratory medicine with their non-invasive AGM100™ that provides instant pulmonary gas exchange measurements using a simple patient breathing method. Mr. Lee, told CEOCFO’s Editorial Executive Bud Wayne, “Hospital providers that leveraged the AGM100 have reported dramatic results, such as reduced ICU admission rates. According to one Midwest provider, the hospitalized COVID-19 patient death rates plummeted after adoption of the AGM100.”

In discussing the mission of MediPines, Mr. Lee continued, “The AGM100 is the world’s first FDA cleared respiratory system that non-invasively provides pulmonary gas exchange measurements using a simple patient breathing method. It is a portable system that can be used at the bedside. I view it as a portable pulmonary lab in a box. In 2015, I launched MediPines with outside investment from prominent Silicon Valley investors. The founding mission of MediPines is to advance respiratory medicine. AGM100 was commercially released five years later in 2020 and it is rapidly being adopted across the country in many leading hospitals, today.”


Texas Medical Technology, Owner and CFO, Roxana Grosu explained to CEOCFO Magazine’s Lynn Fosse how Texas Medical Technology is providing medical supplies, disposable medical gowns, sanitizers and smart safety solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ms. Grosu said, “Like many others we decided to firstly focus on protective masks when the pandemic hit, but we soon realized this was a heavily saturated market. So we immediately identified a niche market in PPE disposable medical gowns, which had, to that point, severe shortages at healthcare facilities struggling to cope with COVID-19. Instead of numerous products, we concentrated all our energies into producing one item the best that we could: the disposable medical gowns.”


CEOCFO spoke with Nano Diagnostics/NanoDX President and CEO, Sharad Joshi about transforming In Vitro Diagnostics with their Unique Nanowire Technology that can Measure almost any Biomarker in the Blood and Saliva. Mr. Joshi, told Lynn, “Any condition in bio-science where there is a strong correlation between a biomarker in a bodily fluid, where speed of diagnosis or at point of care is important, and there is a huge economic savings, provides an opportunity for our NanoDx platform to thrive.”

As to the idea behind NanoDX today, Mr. Joshi said, “NanoDx has a platform technology to transform in vitro diagnostics and more importantly, point of care in vitro diagnostics. We have unique nanowire technology that allows us to measure almost any biomarker in blood, saliva etc.”


Oliphenol LLC CEO and CSO, J. Dr. Roberto Crea told Lynn of Oliphenol’s goal which is, “To bring the health benefits of olive polyphenols, worldwide, to both consumers and other companies for valuable applications.”

Asked where their Hidrox® comes into play, Dr. Crea said, “We were the first company to develop Hidrox®, which is a natural, solvent free formulation of olive polyphenols, found not in the olive oil but in the wastewater, in the “juice” of the olives as we call it now. The missing link that we discovered in 2000 was the ground basis to develop a unique process to harvest the natural polyphenols and create an industrial formulation we called “Hidrox.””


AIMdyn, Inc. the designer AI company, President and CEO, Adriana Mezic tells CEOCFO, “I feel we can bring a lot to the industry now. We have developed an excellent way of “new thinking”, we have fast and adaptable algorithms for whatever challenges may come. This is why we call ourselves a contemporary “designer AI.”


CEOCFO Magazine interviews Skyscend Founder & CEO Mr. Chayapathy Gangadarappa on bringing AI and blockchain to procurement. Mr. Gangadarappa tells Lynn, “Skyscend’s vision is to make the procurement easy, painless and transparent. We make it easy because our product is WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Ace) compliant. It is easy to use for all business owners. The second aspect is that it makes the procurement process painless. As we use tomorrow’s technology such as Artificial Intelligence, the pain-points of procurement are very well addressed by Skyscend and make the entire process facile. Finally, we ensure utmost transparency in the procurement process. We could make it happen with yet another emerging technology, Blockchain.”


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