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Tech Innovation Global Incorporated®

Alicia Carroll  

Founder and CEO

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated®

Contact: Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, Alicia Carroll
(888) 214-1033 |

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor | CEOCFO Magazine

Published – November 9, 2020

CEOCFO: Ms. Carroll, what is the overall vision behind Tech Innovation Global, Inc? What is your focus right now?

Ms. Carroll: The Tech Innovation Global overall vision was for community services and also to provide and maximize multiple socioeconomic industries. Our goal right now is focusing on COVID-19, flattening the curve, encouraging the public to wear a face mask, watch your distance, wash your hands for at least twenty seconds and also get a test, should you need one.

CEOCFO: How are you implementing? How are you reaching out to people? Where does Tech Innovation Global fit into the large amount of research, opinion and noise surrounding COVID?

Ms. Carroll: That is an excellent question. Tech Innovation Global has been performing COVID analysis since February and provided a detailed analysis on re-opening in the May/June timeframe. Tech Innovation Global Inc. also provided integrated logistics supply capability to many teams to determine what supplies and items were available in America.

Tech Innovation Global also reached out to about three thousand companies, many of the Fortune 500 companies, and encouraged them to require facemasks in their facilities. Therefore, Tech Innovation Global Inc has been performing a lot of COVID activity and reaching out to industry. Tech Innovation Global is collaborating with telehealth COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) screening services to provide additional safety during the flu season.   

CEOCFO: How are you able to use technology to do analysis that takes in so many components? One hears all kinds of things on TV and in the news, X amount of death, but X amount of tests and X amount of new cases, but they are not as severe. There seems to be so many moving parts. How are you able to come up with an analysis that is more comprehensive and more real than much of what is put out there today?

Ms. Carroll: One of the team’s main goals, including Tech Innovation, is to review and research the best practices across the world and Tech Innovation Global has looked at the best practices and actually provided those best practices to many of the teams in America. Therefore, as we look at the best practices, we know that practicing the three W’s is very, very essential and important. That is where we help to implement those practices. Then we also provide the statistics to individuals as well.  

CEOCFO: And the three W’s are?

Ms. Carroll: The three W’s are “wear a mask, watch your distance, and that means to maintain at least six feet distance between yourself and another individual, and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds.

CEOCFO: Are people complying more overall? Are people so tired of it that they are getting lax? What are you finding and what might you recommend to keep people on track?  

Ms. Carroll: To keep people on track we recommend having the communications begin, of course, with your local health department and officials. We also rely on notifications from our local officials, signed visible signs which will indicate directions to wear a mask and watch your distance, hand wash and we also, most importantly, rely on testing sites to be available as well. Individuals can call their local testing site and arrange a test. They could also arrange a testing at a location as well.  

CEOCFO: How do you evaluate the different test methods? When one might be better than another?  How does that fit into the overall statistics, as all testing is not equal?  

Ms. Carroll: That is correct. With the collaboration with telehealth services, telehealth has screening of symptoms that includes temperatures as individuals enter facilities and buildings for identification. That can help provide a safer environment. The screening can assist in determining if the situation is COVID or not COVID.

Screening can also assist in proving COVID-19, Coronavirus 2 “SARS-CoV-2” transmissions, whether or not you are at a gathering or at school or across the national market. Telehealth services will also recommend you to a testing site, to an emergency room or to a doctor in the area.    

CEOCFO: What types of projects have you worked on before COVID? Would you give us another example of what you can provide and to whom?

Ms. Carroll: Before COVID 2001, I worked on data analysis and also in large to small projects regarding logistics supply capabilities as well. Therefore, like now, we are also offering registered RDNs which are providing services for COVID-19 and post COVID-19. They are called “Real Healthy Habits.”

We are encouraging individuals to take on collaborative healthy habits, whether or not if it is in nutrition or mental health. Certified funds are also available through a company called RGK, and that is an NGO type of operation.    

CEOCFO: How do you analyze statistics? Is it the methodology? Is there something you know that should be added in that typically is left out? What is the key to the way you approach a situation when you are doing analysis?  

Ms. Carroll: One key is to always be sure to identify the goal and focus on the goal. Therefore, here in COVID the goal is to flatten the curve. The goal is to identify the ethnicity, the percentage that was seen in transmission and exposures, so we are looking for the data that indicates where the exposures are taking place, whether or not it was indoors or travelling, we are looking for all of those different exposures to be documented as well.  

CEOCFO: What have you found that may have surprised you?

Ms. Carroll: The amount of operational planning is very essential for the individual who is implementing much of the response to COVID. There are recommendations, of course, from the CDC and those recommendations are implemented by many of the local officials in local public health departments. One challenge is making sure that a workflow exists to where you can look at where there is difficulty, restraints, restrictions and reach out to other liaisons and resources for assistance.    

CEOCFO: What are you finding worldwide? You mentioned that you deal with people all over. Where do you find some of the differences in approach in different parts of the world and how can you put that together to maybe come up with a better approach for everyone?

Ms. Carroll: There is a difference in some of the durations of lockdown in the beginning of COVID-19 across the different countries. It has been estimated that in the United States, approximately fifty percent of the country actually shut down for lockdown and we are continuously looking at how we can keep educating the public in wearing a mask, especially when you are unable to socially distance from each other. We are also trying to educate the public in how to identify the symptoms of COVID-19, especially as the upcoming flu season will be here.  

CEOCFO: What should people be looking for or not looking for? What should they recognize is probably the flu and probably not COVID or is there a lot in common and you really cannot tell easily?

Ms. Carroll: According to the CDC, one of the main symptoms in COVID, symptom screening includes shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.  

CEOCFO: How are you reaching out to private companies or are they coming to you at this point?

Ms. Carroll: We are reaching out to private companies through webinars, through professional email services and direct mail. We are also reaching out to them through working with many teams across the country.

CEOCFO: What have you recognized through this whole process?

Ms. Carroll: The symptoms are being analyzed very greatly in the scientific community. Public behavior plays a major role in controlling COVID-19. That is where we have much more work to do. That is because as the seasonal flu is upcoming, people at the highest risk for severe diseases and death include seniors and those with conditions such as hypertension, cancer, cardio vascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes as well. Therefore, we definitely want to add addition safety restraining of individuals.  

CEOCFO: Should people be more hopeful or more fearful than they are, or maybe both?

Ms. Carroll: People should definitely be hopeful, but practice precautions. That is very important to help do your part in helping to flatten the curve in COVID-19 during this pandemic.

CEOCFO: What is ahead for Tech Innovation when COVID might be over? What types of projects would you like to work on moving forward?

Ms. Carroll: Tech Innovation Global Inc is looking forward to three different missions. One is working with communities and developmental workforce activities, two, providing post-COVID assistance and three, working with different social economic industries to form data analysis, science and environmental research.

CEOCFO: You have a lot of your plate!

Ms. Carroll: Yes, and with all of the great people, companies, individuals such as yourself, we can all come together and do this. Ultimately, Tech Innovation Global Inc is seeking to make the world a better place and improve wellbeing.

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Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® is local to global. A main goal, including Tech Innovation, is to review and research the best practices across the world and Tech Innovation Global has looked at the best practices and actually provided those best practices to many of the teams in America. Therefore, as we look at the best practices, we know that practicing the three W’s is very, very essential and important. That is where everyone can help to implement those practices. Then we also provide data reviews to individuals as well.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® Services, Alicia Carroll, President and CEO

Certified WOSB/MBE

PM, MBA, Engineer